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Living in Paris  means being blessed to live in an incredible inspiring place.  You can stay here for 20, 30 years or more and still find new beautiful sites, views or buildings almost every time you walk out of your door.

Some days you may be tired of the stress, polution and everything else which goes with a big city and then suddenly while heading for the nearest metro station you end up in admiration in front of an art nouveau master piece designed by  Hector Guimard in the beginning of the last century.

I know that for a lot of people,  visiting Paris is a dream and they may spend years to save money to realize that dream. For many years I worked in the very heart of Paris and every night walking out from my office I stood in front of place de la Concorde with the view of the Eifeltower just behind. I know it was a big privilege.

The other day I had a meeting in Versailles and just after some spare time, which I spend revisiting the gardens of Versailles where the artist Anish Kapoor is exposing his works. The mix of modern art and classical French architecture is quite amazing!

Below some of my photos from Paris and it’s surroundings taken the last couple of weeks.

Living in Paris

Living in Paris II

Living in Paris III

Street art

Bois de Vincennes II

Bois de Vincennes





















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