Thanks everyone for a great time at Formex!

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Once again Formex and once again  a lot of new acquaintances! We are very happy to get to know all of you and to let you know about our products and our way of working. Born Collector is very much into what is called Upcycling.

Upcycling is about creativity and re-thinking, about how to use, ameliorate and embellish something which at a first sight seems to be garbage or junk.

In many developing countries, this process is often a necessity because of high prices on raw material which makes any other production impossible. In a poor country, it’s extremely important how scare recourses are managed. Hardly anything is thrown away. Glass and bottles, old jars and cans, caps and old iron beds, well almost everything, is collected and re-emerges as something new. Lots of things being produced from iron, is in fact made of material coming from melted down junk. When you arrive from a typical throwaway society, is it very inspiring and enriching to see how everything is taken care of and reused.

We also use old wood shutters and recycled wood to create cabinets and closets.

Below some photos from Formex to illustrate what it looks like.

Thanks again for coming to visit us!

Eva & Thina


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