Treasures rescued from abandoned houses

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Just back from another trip to Morocco. It was just as chaotic, charming and inspiring as always. Morocco in the end of October, November is fabulous. The temperature lies around 25 – 30°C and evenings are mild.

We visited some workshops where the craftsmen are finalizing the last items which will be sent to Stockholm in a few days.

Among everything we sell, we have old iron gratings and window shutters and people often ask me where these things come from. The answer is that many old buildings in Morocco, especially in the city centers, are abandoned. The price of the land makes it more profitable to demolish and to build new, higher buildings and it’s sad that the cultural value of the old architecture isn’t considered.

Our gratings and shutters have all been rescued from such old houses. I really hope that someday, someone will understand the value of keeping the old city centers as they are.




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