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Nowadays you can find almost exactly the same home interios in any corner of the world: from Melbourne to Stockholm, from Tokyo to Paris….. Big furniture store chains with mass production provide the same products wherever you go.  Most of the time, the design is nice, prices are low and the furniture is displayed  in such a way that it looks very appealing.

But, don’t you find it boring when entering a home where you recognize  most of the things from a catalogue?

If you think it’s important to live in a home which expresses your personality, if you want to support small scale production and independent craftsmen and if you think that sustainability in the economy is important –  then we have the same point of view!

Born Collector works with a few artisans. Everyting is handmade and many of our products are examples of upcycling. Below a few of our recent cabinets made of reclaimed wood and old shutters or windows.

5 svarta skâp III - Copie


Skâp med glasluckor II

Skâp med rutformat glas


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